by Amanda Carter 8 months, 2 weeks ago

This is our starter post of interest in discussing HyFlex in more detail.

Michele Domenech 8 months, 2 weeks ago

I am very interested. I have some experience in teaching a hyflex model as I team-taught a course in 2004-2005 with a colleague from VCU while I taught in Qatar, and she taught in Richmond. We allowed seated, virtual and asynchronous, online attendance with all students.

I also taught a similar, model with students in my U of H Maui students when I moved my seated classes to virtual and online and team-taught with a colleague on Maui while I was in Texas.

Of course, these were treated as true hyflex in that students could move within the "sections" of the class, seated, virtual, OL (sync/async). I believe that these types of courses could assist our students to complete their degrees by fitting into their schedules and allowing us (college/instructor) to be truly flexible. The courses could also assist departments and divisions with sections making where they might not if adhering to one time or one modality. The courses should be created as an online course would be, but it can "run" however the instructor "teaches" it. That way, all of the material is available to the students AND the experience is very consistent. I currently create all of my courses with this experience in mind now. I update and revise it often. It is exhausting :)

I love what you presented today and look forward to the conversation!

Tabitha Love 5 months ago

I'm told there is a working definition for delivery method coding by NCCCS; could someone please share this or point me toward the appropriate location?