by Maurice Mitchell 9 months ago

Who, in the NCCCS Open LMS SaaS, is using Kaltura?  Is there a NCCCS Kaltura SaaS arrangement in place?

Erin McCully 9 months ago

Hi, Maurice - We (Southwestern CC) are using Kaltura. There is no NCCCS Kaltura SaaS arrangement as far as I know, we are contracting with them ourselves.


Erin McCully 9 months ago

We made the switch from Knowmia to Kaltura, and we tried to keep it in the same ballpark as what we were paying them. I talked to my colleague, and he thinks it was around $9k, but that is dependent on number of users and the types of services provided (we had some removed to keep the price lower). 

Mike Clendenen 9 months ago

PittCC has been sing Kaltura since 2013.  Out useage has really grown as we require all course videos to be placed in Kaltura and not Moodle.  That being said, our cost for Kaltura has grown as well, from about $7K to a litle over $30K annually.

Maurice Mitchell 9 months ago

Thanks, Mike. We want to move all our videos to a common cloud solution as well. Pitt is about 7 times the size of Bladen, so I can do the math...  :-)


Carole Mehle 9 months ago

At Edgecombe, we are using MediaSite. Overall, it is received favorably, but we do have some faculty who are unable to use the desktop recorder. The storage itself is great, as it is integrated into our Open LMS/Moodle. 

Kenneth Peel 9 months ago

Hello all. We have been using Kaltura for over 7 years at Pitt Community College, there is no NCCCS SaaS arragnement. We purchase thru student fees. I have3 plugins that we have added on and our yearly is now 48k for 3 instances.

What we have:

  • Kaltura space, we do not use media site everything is built into OpenLMS. 
  • Reach Plugin, allows for captioning that I manage.
  • Brand3D, is new to us but it will allow for 360 videos and images to be viewed on any device. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 252-493-7645

Athena Smith 9 months ago

I've used Kaltura in the past, but found VidGrid to be easier to use and more cost-effective. That may have changed since it's been a few years since I've looked at the Kaltura pricing. I'd be happy to discuss further if you're interested.

Phil Tietjen 9 months ago

We use VidGrid at our place too and from what I've been able to tell, people find it pretty user-friendly.