Strategies for Promoting OER on Campus

by Phil Tietjen 1 year ago

Hello all- This summer I'm giving a short workshop on Open Educational Resources and I was wondering if any of you would be willing to share some of your experiences with promoting adoption and use of OER at your college. For example, were there certain strategies or approaches that you found were more effective than others? What sorts of obstacles did you encounter? How did you respond to them? Thanks!

Hi Phil,

I gave a presentation to our curriculum program chairs a couple of years ago and was joined by one of our research librarians.  We just chatted about renewing our effort in concert with this new openNCCC platform.  

Perhaps the most exciting andragogical/pedagogical concept - in my humble opinion -- is to more deeply involve students in contributing to OER content via "don't hand it in, publish it" activities.  In other words, I think some excitement can surround having students participate in improving OER texts and/or ancillary materials, such as study materials, and exam questions.  OER seems to invite such student activity. 

Primary obstacles have been the time it takes to search for and develop quality materials -- growth of available OER content, and of collaborative platforms such as openNCCC, address most of those "former" obstacles.




Phil Tietjen 1 year ago

Hi Ed- thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences! I like your thinking about the potential for OER to promote higher engagement among students.Your point about via "don't hand it in, publish it" activities reminds me of some of the good stuff I've read by David Wiley who expresses a similar philosophy :) I also like your idea of connecting it to publishing ancillary materials. Thanks again, Phil

Hi Phil, I was going through the discussion board and saw this.  We've launched a systemwide OER Community of Practice.  The plan is to meet monthly to collaborate, discuss, and share resources.  If you're interested I can forward you the meeting information.  

Phil Tietjen 9 months ago

Thanks for letting me know. Definitely interested :)  I believe the first meeting was scheduled for yesterday but had to be canceled. I think I signed up for it, but if not, please add me to the listserv. Thanks!

Hi Phil--I've added you to the list, and I have forwarded the meeting series to you.  Feel free to forward the meeting to anyone you think would be interested--but if they'd like to join, they should send me an email so I can add them to the list.