Volunteer to be a DL Mentor

by Katherine Davis 1 year ago

It is difficult to be a new distance learning administrator.  Everyone has questions and the need-to-know policies and practices of your college and the System.  It helps to have someone to email or call with the burning questions that come up every day.

Please consider being a mentor to a new DL Admin in our community.  If you can assist, please email Kathy Davis at davisk@nccommunitycolleges.edu.  We have a number of new colleagues who would love to connect with you.

If you are new to your position and would like a mentor, please email Kathy Davis and I will provide you with a DL Admin mentor to show you the ropes.  I always attempt to provide mentors utilizing the same LMS as the requestor.

Don't be shy!  All of you have a lot of knowledge and skills to share!!!

I'd love to encourage new DL admins to request a mentor and seasoned DL admins to sign up to mentor as well. I'm so glad I asked for a mentor when I started last year. I have the best DL mentor ever and I can't imagine getting through my first year without her.