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OER Item Sharing Template


OER Fundamentals are invited to remix this course planning template to design and share their OER project plans, course information and syllabus, and reflection.

Project Planning

My OER Goals & Purpose: What have you discovered during this OER Series and what are you planning to accomplish next?

My Audience: Who are you designing this OER item for and what are their learning needs and preferences?

My Team: Who else might support your OER item and what are their roles and responsibilities?

Existing Resources: What existing resources can you utilize for your OER item? You can curate these resources in our Group Folders

New Resources: What new resources will you need for your OER item's next steps?

Supports Needed: What additional supports do you need to complete your OER item? Do you need to gather more research and data to inform the design of your OER item?

Our Timeline: What deadlines do you have for your OER item deliverables? 

How To Remix This Template

Once logged in, click the Remix button on this resource to make your own version of this template. Change the title to describe your project and add text, videos, images, and attachments to the sections below. Delete this section and instructions in other sections before publishing. When you are ready to publish, click "Next" to update the overview, license, and description of your resource, and then click Publish.

OER Item

Add your OER item here including the course name and number, and aligned learning outcomes. 

For adding content:

  • Add any text, images or videos by using this editing pane.
  • Include any external links in this text editing pane.
  • Attach any documents to this section by using "Attach Section..." paperclip image below, then choose the correct file from your computer, name your syllabus, and save.

Please check any sharing settings to ensure others can access your resources.


Please reflect and share any observations and insights you noticed as a result of this OER Item, such as student engagement and impact.